The Job Description and Qualification of an HTML Developer

A typical HTML developer seeking employment must have at least three years of development experience to qualify for some decent offers. The developer must be well-versed in HTML, CSS table-less design, and Javascript, as well as how to design intuitive site functionality, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless navigation.

Most professionals applying for higher-level positions must demonstrate experience with both best practises and current web design trends. Additionally, effective communication skills are a plus.


Those chosen to work for an IT company are required to create new web applications using HTML or scripts in accordance with their department heads’ instructions. One may be required to maintain and enhance web applications, as well as conduct testing with engaged users as needed. HTML developers may be tasked with the responsibility of designing and implementing user-driven templates and database-driven Web interfaces to facilitate information sharing.


Additionally, HTML5 developers may be required to create external Web portals for user input and accurate information retrieval. Typically, the developer must work independently while adhering to deadlines and maintaining constant contact with the supervisor. He or she must be extremely capable of responding to support mail and other electronic communications.


Additionally, the incumbent should be proficient with the Internet and its associated tools, such as e-mail clients, FTP clients, and various types of browsers. The majority of HTML developers have a background in computer science, management information systems, or some other type of computing diploma.


Most professionals with more than 2-3 years of experience in the field possess superior problem-solving abilities and are adept at overcoming various coding challenges. A senior HTML programmer’s position requires a high level of conceptual thinking, both visual and interactive. Professionals are typically required to be self motivated and gifted with the ability to multitask, as the tasks are frequently complex.


Several of the tasks include the following:


PSD files and wireframes are transformed into user-friendly user interfaces based on client-specified measurements and specifications.


Effective collaboration and communication with project managers, technical leads, and other HTML developers reporting to you are required.


Each project requires a thorough understanding of the objectives and strategy.


Identification of appropriate process improvement opportunities and constructive suggestions for each improvement


The HTML5 developer position does offer a competitive salary and bonus structure, as well as incentives for each completed project.

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