6 Tips to Consider Before You Buy a Domain Name

When purchasing a domain name, bear in mind that it is more than just a website address. It serves as the business’s brand name. Before you purchase one, do your research and select an appropriate name for your clients and customers. To assist you in making your decision, the following are ten suggestions.

1. Examine the websites of your competitors


To begin, you should research the brand names associated with your competitors’ websites and blogs. Ascertain that the name you choose is pertinent to your company. For example, if you sell bicycles or bicycles, your domain name should include the word bicycle or bicycle.


Additionally, you can use a method to determine if the desired name is available. If it is not available, you may alter your preferred name slightly.


2. Choose an easy-to-type and remember phrase.


It’s critical to select an easy-to-type, pronounce, and remember web address. As a result, the domain name should be free of unusual spellings, hyphens, or numbers. If people cannot type a name immediately upon hearing it, it is considered a difficult domain name. For example, “katz4life” is more difficult to remember than “cats rock.”


Similarly, terms with similar spellings, such as ambiance and ambiance, should be avoided.


3. Pick a More Concise Name


Make sure you pick a domain name that is easy for your clients to remember; if the domain name contains more than one word, people will have to remember all of the words


4. Take into account new Extensions


Today, the average length of a commercial domain name (.com) is around 15 characters, give or take. That’s a lot of characters, even though they’re broken up into different terms.


You are not required to purchase a.com extension; if you prefer a different extension, you can purchase an easily remembered domain.


5. Conduct a Social Media Platform Check


Before acquiring your preferred domain name, ensure that it is available for use as a handle on your social media pages. Using the same social media handle and domain name is an excellent idea for brand marketing, as it makes it easier for users to learn about your brand on social media sites.


6. Steer Clear of Trademarks


For example, you cannot use the words “Nike” or “Facebook” in your desired domain name; doing so would land you in hot water, and you can face legal action from these businesses.


In summary, we recommend that you consider these six tips before settling on a domain name in the hopes that they can assist you in making the right choice.

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