How to Perfectly Value Your Domain Name

If you want to sell your domain name, it is important that you understand its true meaning. This is because you want to stop underselling it, since there is nothing worse in the domaining world than overselling. Although there are numerous online valuation methods, the following considerations should be considered when determining the correct value for your name.



When determining a domain name, age is important. A brand that has been around for a long period of time will be recognised by search engines, which will increase its value. Consider that a name that is approximately 15 years old would undoubtedly be more important than one that is less than a year old. You may be wondering, however, where you can obtain these vintage domain names – the expired domain market. Every day, expired domains are discovered online, and a simple search will show a large number of them.


Generic Names With Several Keywords


Generic names are extremely useful, even more so when they fall into common online categories. Additionally, they are cleared of any legal disputes such as trademark infringement. Due to the fact that these are common words, they will be simple to spell and pronounce. When they are associated with hot keywords, they are unquestionably valuable additions to your portfolio.


a worthwhile addition to your portfolio.




Short domain names are in high demand. Many people who use the internet prefer to visit websites with short names because they dislike bookmarking constantly. As a consequence, you must keep in mind that conciseness is a critical consideration to remember when determining a domain’s worth.


Extension to a domain


There are several extension forms,,.net,.biz,.info, The most valuable of them all is, for a variety of reasons. It is the first domain in existence, and the vast majority of internet users are fully reliant on it. Additionally, a large number of browsers switch, and the internet has unwittingly embraced it as its primary extension.




Numerous companies are on the lookout for branded domain names. They want something succinct that will leave a favourable impression on their clients. If your domain name has the potential to be used for branding, it can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.


Passes the Radio Examination


When a domain name passes the radio test, it indicates that it pronounces correctly. It should not be difficult to understand, and those who hear it should have no difficulty comprehending it.

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