Business Social Media – Domain Name Guide

Your name can (and often is) your truth on the web. However, identifying yourself online is not that straightforward. Choosing a domain name for your company’s web presence is critical: your domain name will serve as the nexus for your business for months, years, or even decades.

There are several factors to consider before beginning your online venture:

 1) Create your brand.

It is more than words, but they will impart flavor to it. Your company brand is an extension of yourself. Ask your friends, family, and peers what their reactions are when your thoughts are read aloud.

 2) a business brand aims to be unforgettable while still effectively communicating the business’s mission. Generally, it is more productive to concentrate on communicating your intent than on creating your widget as a term.

 3) If you are unable to obtain a com extension, choose another. There are several other extensions available, such as net and data, but regardless of which one you choose, you must include the com extension or risk losing your brand before it has a chance to develop itself. (Businesses should register their domain names with the com, net, and info extensions.)

 4) If you come across any similar names during the process, register them immediately. $10 today is far less expensive than the impossibility of obtaining it tomorrow. 

5) Keep it concise.

A good domain name should contain between one and three terms. It does not contain hyphens or any other out-of-place characters. In general, shorter domain names are preferable for two reasons: they are easier to spell and remember.

 6) Do not be afraid to travel a long distance.

Yes, I just said “keep it short,” but having a lengthy domain name has the advantage of describing your business precisely. Longer domains often carry some weight in search engine results, so using the term “real estate” in a real estate domain helps a site rank those keywords.

7) It’s Appropriate to Have Several Domains!

Too many companies cling to the concept of creating a single website to which You can guide readers. Although having a singular emphasis is beneficial, having many domains and websites enables a business to portray itself differently. Additionally, multiple domains and websites enable a single company to have multiple search engines, allowing them to conquer the first page of search results for keywords.

8) Recognize the possibility of misspelling your domain.

If you have any difficult keywords to pronounce or are easily misspelled, file the misspelled edition. $10 for a misspelled version of your own website’s name is an extremely cheap way to avoid potential customer failure or competitive issues.

9) Purchase alternative domain names immediately.

At less than $10 per domain name, alternative domain names can be an extremely cost-effective way to advertise your company and safeguard your reputation. If your company employs any public figures, be sure to spend the $10 on personal name domains (firstnamelastname) as well as any slogans or catchphrases.

10) Recognize that both humans and search robots are promoting your domains.

They all have slightly different preferences, and you should develop a strategy for managing multiple domains and coordinating related traffic to your company.

Bonus point: 

If you’re attempting to rank highly in search engines for a new domain, register it for five years. Search engines credit the duration of registration to determine whether a new site is a spam site used to manipulate search results. By committing to a longer stay, you assist search engines such as Google and Yahoo in establishing your virtual reputation.

Do not be hasty! Bear in mind that you can view domain selection from a variety of perspectives. It’s comparable to deciding on a physical location for your business: where will it be? What is the neighborhood’s opinion? Who is going to see it? How long are you going to use it?

If you operate a small business, $50 to $100 to secure a domain name may appear to be a significant investment for a few years. Spending $500 to $1,000 on larger competitive search optimization and brand protection effort is a wise investment for larger businesses (for example, do you own yoursitesucks?)

Understanding that a good domain may mean the difference between five visitors a month or five thousand greatly changes how your business functions online. With a well-organized strategy behind multiple domains, different niche streams of visitors become easier to reach and increase the chance to convert into business results.

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