How to Choose a Good Website Hosting Company

As a result, we’ve agreed to include a high-level overview of what to look for when selecting the ideal hosting company for your website. To keep it easy, we’ll concentrate on Shared Server Hosting.

Dedicated or Shared

Hosting is classified into two broad categories: shared and dedicated. The primary distinction between the two is in terms of speed, resource use, and power. Shared hosting is suitable for the majority of small businesses and individuals. For large companies that need total control over the entire server, a dedicated server plan enables whole root (superuser) access to the server, allowing you to customize it however you want or need. Again, the majority of shared servers are adequate for most websites. Additionally, the price gap may be between $150 and $300 per month!

Form of Operating System

There are two primary operating systems that you may come across during your website hosting search: Linux and Windows. Some of you might be compelled to select a Windows server immediately due to your familiarity with a Windows PC. The GUI, on the other hand, is not identical to that of your machine. The primary reason to choose a Windows hosting plan is if your website is written in a Microsoft scripting language such as ASP.NET (webpages with a .aspx or .asp at the end). Because Linux is a free and open operating system, Linux hosting plans are more affordable. Additionally, the majority of Linux plans have an intuitive control panel (like cPanel).

Space on Disk, Bandwidth, and Databases

Numerous businesses include “unlimited” disc space, bandwidth, and database storage. This is merely a marketing gimmick designed to make it seem like you are receiving more than you do. Indeed, it is always prudent to read the Terms of Service of the hosting company (TOU). For instance, you can have unlimited disc space but a limit on the number of inodes. Consider inode to be a single file. This cap is quickly reached for large websites.

Unlimited bandwidth is also a myth, as the hosting company will restrict it – either by claiming you are using too many server resources or by claiming your script/website breached a section of the TOU. Now, just because a company says “unlimited” does not mean it is a lousy host; however, it is a clear indicator that you should “carefully read our TOU.”


Any hosting company should have a minimum 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. If the hosting company does not state this, it is prudent to conduct the additional study. After all, the whole point of a website is to be viewed! If you think your current hosting company is causing you problems, you can use a free service like to track your website for you.

Domain Extensions

Addon domains are advantageous if you want to host several websites on the same hosting account. This is not important if you only have one website. However, if you operate two or more websites, you should verify the number of approved addon domains and their associated costs.

SSL encryption on a private basis

Is your website capable of transmitting potentially personally identifiable/private information? Ensure that you obtain a Dedicated IP address and a Private SSL certificate. Many shared hosting plans offer a Shared SSL certificate, but we strongly advise against using it because it will show a notice on your website that reads “This link is untrusted…” or a security warning. Seeing something along those lines is the quickest way to drive a customer away from your website. A dedicated IP address is required for private SSL certificates. Specific hosts offer this as part of their packages, while others charge up to $10 a month.

Customer Service

Customer service issues are the quickest way to cripple a hosting company. Even if you have an excellent hosting company, you will need to contact them at some point. We’ve personally seen some hosting companies take two weeks to complete a job that should take less than two hours, entirely due to inadequate customer service.The speed at which they respond and their willingness to assist will indicate the quality of service you will receive later on.

There is far more to selecting the right hosting provider, and each circumstance is unique.

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