Business Letter Example For Complaint

A business letter is written from one company to another or a customer to the service provider or seller. It can be used for many purposes such as related to any policy or service or any product. Customers use Business Complaint Letter to communicate their problems to the organization.

If the customer is having any issue regarding the service or the product provided by the service provider or the seller even after complaining verbally several times, then the customer will write a complaint letter to that service provider or the seller.

Business Letter For Complaint Format

If you do not have any idea on how you should write a business letter for complaint then we can suggest you some points that you should keep in mind during writing a business complaint letter. Before writing a business complaint letter, assemble all your information regarding the service or the product, about the policies of the organization, about the returning and refunding policies, etc. A business letter for complaint is an official letter, so avoid doing criticisms and personal attacks and be more focused on the issue for which you are drafting the letter. You should never write an angry or sarcastic letter to the organization.

Sample Business Letter For Complaint

Sample Business Letter For Complaint

The very first thing you should write in the letter is about the product or the service provided to you and with all the payment details. The next thing you will mention is how you have been disrupted by the service or discontented by the product. You can ask the other members of the company to of the service provider to intervene in this matter and try to resolve it and if they do not take any actions any soon, you will go to outsiders to help resolve your issues. While writing a complaint letter, be very specific and accurate about the dates and times regarding your complain prove your point more strongly. At the end of the letter never forget to include your name and contact details.

The business letter for complaint is written not only by the pissed off customers but it can also be written by frustrated employees at work. This letter is called a business letter for a complaint to the management. If a person is facing any problems at the workplace then he/she can draft a letter to the boss or senior management to solve the issue. The letter should contain the problem specified with the exact time and date. You can ask the senior management to intervene and try to solve the problem.

Business Letter For Complaint example

Here we provide you sample business letter templates that can be used to write your business letters. Download these sample letter templates as PDF, Word or Excel. You can also Download them to your browser and use them anywhere. These templates are can be printed so you can also have a printable copy of these templates. If you are having any problems regarding the format of the letter then you can find the format very easily and we also provide blank business letter templates.

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