How to Sign a Business Letter With Example

If you are looking for a guide on How to Sign a Business Letter then you are at the right place. We will guide you about how you should write and sign a business letter so that you will never do any silly mistakes.

We here offer you samples of many types of business letter templates which will guide you properly about formal letter writing skills. You will get almost all types of business letter examples here.

How to Sign a Business Letter With Title

How to Sign a Business Letter With Title

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Like any other professional letter, you will keep a professional tone in the business letter and you will maintain the formal tone throughout the letter. If you are signing a business letter with the title then writing it at the closing of the letter is appropriate. Give space of three lines after the closing sentence in the letter. Writing your full name will be more appropriate. Under your that, you can add your designation or post.

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How to Sign a Business Letter For Someone Else

Signing a business letter for on someone else’s behalf is also called procuration. It is necessary in the corporate world to sign a letter on someone else’s behalf. It happens when the senior level is not available to answer a letter, the lower level or the staff have to sign the letter on their behalf. It is not like anyone can sign the letter. It is only done by the person who is responsible for the job.

According to law, parents or guardians of a minor child can sign official documents and letters of the child. They have the authority to sign the letter on behalf of that minor child. Another situation where a person can sign a letter for someone else is when a person shifts his or her power of attorney to that person. It happens when a person is too ill to take responsibilities of any legal decisions.

How to Sign a Friendly Business Letter

If you are signing a formal letter and the person to whom you are writing the letter to has known you personally then you can sign a business letter at a friendly and casual note rather than a formal thank you.

You can say simple words like loving you, take care, yours, your friend, best wishes, peace and love, etc. These are some ending that you can use to close a semi-formal letter. If you know the person too well then you can sign off the letter by just writing your first name rather than writing your full name. Or you can also use your nickname as the reader know you personally.

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